Employee Recognition


Recognizing an employee for their outstanding performance and/or achievement is significant to SA. We strive to ensure a supportive environment that both aids in the success of an employee and also recognizes that success upon achievement. In addition to the daily recognition that an employee receives from clients, colleagues and SA leads, SA also both formally recognizes and compensates employees with bonuses for the great work that they perform. There are two bonus programs we have in place: The Spirit of SA Spot Awards and our end of the year bonuses. Employees also find recognition from our clients directly in the form of kudos letters and government/industry awards.  

Longevity at and loyalty to SA are highly cherished and these values are recognized as service awards. Service awards are bestowed to an employee starting at 5 years of service and then every 5 years thereafter. SA ensures that these service awards truly represent our respect and appreciation of each employee.

“I have worked for many clients at DARPA. My current client's management style is to trust his people and provide them the opportunity to take as much responsibility as they wish. Being that I am the lead technical advisor on his team, I have accepted the role of leader on many of the client's contracted efforts, deferring to the client only when critical decisions are necessary. This dynamic has transformed my role from strictly technical expert to leader who relies on the technical expertise of the client's other support staff. This has been a tremendous benefit to my professional growth and potentially to my long-term career.”
“I chose SA because it is an exciting and challenging place to work. SA’s benefits also allow me to improve my knowledge within my current job and give me more opportunities for future advancement.”