What We Do



Strategic Analysis, Inc. (SA) is an industry-leading professional consulting firm serving both government and commercial clients by providing innovative solutions and services. The talents and experience that make up the SA core capabilities provides all of the skills, tools, and creative ideas necessary to address the technical, operational, programmatic, and policy aspects of national defense and homeland security issues.

SA’s Science & Technology (S&T) capability provides high-end studies, analyses, and strategic planning for cutting-edge technologies that protect the warfighter and provide the next-generation of homeland defense. We provide a variety of services to government agencies, laboratories, and policy groups for both short and long-term projects.

SA’s Advanced Research Support provides analysis and technical expertise to R&D agencies which fund the development of technologies to protect the homeland and the warfighter. SA supports all levels of the research and development enterprise, from supporting science boards and directors who determine the direction of the nation’s technology future, to program offices which develop emerging technologies for the warfighter to execute that vision.

SA’s Energy Consulting capability provides subject matter expertise in energy efficiency, manufacturing, and valuation of conceptual designs of emerging alternative energy systems for government agencies (such as DOE and DOD) and commercial industry clients. SA specializes in techno-economic analysis of component laboratory technologies and projects the manufacturing feasibility, performance, and economic viability of the components at the system level.
SA provides program management expertise to government agencies with support and coordination services to help the government develop technologies and maintain the infrastructure necessary to protect the homeland. SA provides operational and administrative support to assist government R&D agencies throughout the technology development lifecycle, including planning and execution, test and evaluation, and transition of emerging technologies into the national defense framework.
The SA Business & Financial Management (BFM) capability provides analysis, and support services to government clients to assist with program, financial, and contract management throughout the acquisition process. Our government clients utilize SA’s capabilities to support the R&D of emerging technologies and for technology acquisition to protect the homeland.
SA’s Conference Services Division (CSD) team provides comprehensive planning and coordination expertise for meetings and events for government and commercial clients, ranging from private board meetings to large-scale conferences and events with thousands of attendees, spectators and media.
SA’s Executive Conference Center (ECC) is a full service meeting facility at SA’s Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia designed for small to mid-sized events. The ECC is conveniently located around the corner to multiple government agencies.