Recruitment Process


SA’s recruiting process begins with the job postings on our website. Our interactive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a job search tool that allows candidates to easily submit a resume and cover letter and check on the status of an application online. Additionally, this job application tool effectively matches candidate’s skills and background to the positions that interest them and align with their past work experience. Once a candidate submits a job application, the following process will take place:
  • Candidate must complete all required information on the application
  • Candidate must attach all required documents pertaining to their job application (e.g., cover letter, resume, writing samples)
  • Candidate will receive an email notification from SA Human Resources (HR) confirming receipt of application
  • Candidate will receive application status notifications to the email provided
  • If additional information or clarification is needed, candidate will be contacted by SA HR by email 
  • If candidate meets all requirements of position, SA HR will arrange telephone (skype, web, etc.) interview with SA Hiring Manager
  • Candidate will be notified of application status 
  • Candidate will meet with SA representative(s) including an HR representative, the SA Hiring Manager, and members of the hiring team
  • Interview process typically takes two hours and will be conducted at SA headquarters located in Arlington, VA.  Special arrangements/accommodations are available
  • SA will contact all references on candidate’s job application
  • SA may contact candidate for further information or clarification
  • SA will contact the candidate by phone or email about whether or not they were selected for the desired position
  • If selected, SA  will send a contingent offer letter and your authorization is required to conduct a background check 
  • Upon a successful background check, and once any other contingencies are met, SA will coordinate your first day of employment  
“I have worked for many clients at DARPA. My current client's management style is to trust his people and provide them the opportunity to take as much responsibility as they wish. Being that I am the lead technical advisor on his team, I have accepted the role of leader on many of the client's contracted efforts, deferring to the client only when critical decisions are necessary. This dynamic has transformed my role from strictly technical expert to leader who relies on the technical expertise of the client's other support staff. This has been a tremendous benefit to my professional growth and potentially to my long-term career.”
“I chose SA because it is an exciting and challenging place to work. SA’s benefits also allow me to improve my knowledge within my current job and give me more opportunities for future advancement.”