Corporate Overview



Strategic Analysis, Inc. (SA) is an industry-leading government professional services firm that excels in providing innovative solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow. Founded in 1986, SA is a small/medium business headquartered in Arlington, VA that employs professionals who provide all the skills, tools, and creative ideas necessary to address the technical, operational, programmatic, and policy aspects of national defense and homeland security issues.  

At SA, operational excellence and client satisfaction are our ultimate goal. Through our unique core competencies, we strive to provide leading-edge innovative solutions to meet clients’ needs, and our employees have a constant commitment to quality and delivering results. SA’s core competencies and list of clients have also greatly expanded and diversified as new demands have been placed on the professional services industry and as the world environment has changed.

To meet these new demands, SA continues its efforts to build a talented and results-driven workforce. We recognize that the key to our business success directly comes from the diverse ideas, experiences, and backgrounds of our employees, as well as the ethical business practices embedded in our culture. Additionally, SA’s “extended family” approach to its cultural environment fosters collaboration and teamwork among its employees, and greatly enhances our performance and efficiency.

“I like how SA’s business model is centered on an ethical foundation for its environment, clients, employees, and communities.”